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Alpaca Fiber Products: Rugs/Yarn

Our Rugs and Yarn are "MADE IN THE USA". The fiber is harvested on our own ranch. These natural fiber products are high quality but are sold for considerably less than you'll find elsewhere. For the rugs, the alpaca fiber is wrapped around a jute cord, making them extremely durable, then hand woven giving each rug a one of a kind look. . .More Rugs and Yarn

  Featured Alpaca:
We knew Optimus Prime was something special, even as a cria. He has the best demeanor and temperament. Optimus commands respect from the other boys because he is "the man."  . . .   Read More
  Our Story:
Mariposa Gardens Alpaca Ranch began in 1997 when we met and fell in love with these soft creatures. Like so many others, we had a desire to build a home  based business which  would give us some  extra income and some  business  tax  deductions.  Simply by flipping through a Sunset
Magazine and seeing the "ewok" like alpaca face, our lives were changed. . .   Read More
18756 Mariposa Avenue Riverside, CA  92508 (951) 789-2542